The Bully Project
Written and directed by Mieko Ouchi

Touring to Elementary and Junior High Schools
October 15 to November 16, 2018
Final tour until 2021!


"The Bully Project was AWESOME! The information they shared was outstanding. I would strongly recommend this production to ALL Elementary and Jr. Highs..."

Lynette Thron, Assistant Principal
Westboro Elementary

“We loved the production. We found the situations and writing to be very authentic and informative for our students and it fit in extremely well with our focus on conflict resolution in Grade 8 Social Studies... We are always so impressed with Concrete Theatre's productions when they come to our school. They always provide several periods of thought provoking discussion after the performances.”

Myles Corbett
Londonderry Junior High



Bullying behavior is something that schools, families, communities and young people are grappling with every day.

The Bully Project is an interactive play available in two versions for students from grade 4-6 and 7-9 that explores the complex reasons underlying bullying behavior, and what young people and the adults and communities who care about them can do about it. Audience participation is key to this engaging project, that defines bullying, takes audiences through character based scenes and improvised solutions and problem solving to explore the complexities around the issue, helps students find safe and constructive ways to combat this behavior, and helps educators set school boundaries and policies.

Curriculum Ties: Wellness: analyze the definition, effects and possible consequences of various forms of harassment, stress management, analyze, evaluate and refine personal communication patterns, conflict management skills. Language Arts: analyze choices and motives of characters.

Grade Appropriate Study Guides Available.

Last year the tour sold out!
Be sure to book early for this popular interactive program!

Touring to Elementary and Junior High Schools
October 15 to November 16, 2018
Max audience: 3 classes or up to 100 students
Base Price: $675
60 minutes, participatory

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