Book with us

iZak Tardif, Julia Seymour, Onika Henry in Bello by Vern Thiessen
Production Design by Patrick Beagan

For our workshops, our Teaching Artists will join you in your classroom. For our touring productions, we come to your school with everything we need to perform in your gym or large flex space.

When you let us know you’re interesting in booking, we work with you to find a date and time. Once that’s confirmed, we send you a simple contract as a fillable PDF. About a month before the booking we’ll send you a questionnaire covering load in and load out logistics, and a PDF of our study guide.

We’ll need 1 hour to set up our sound system and professionally designed sets to truly transform your space into something special. Our touring shows run 1 hour long including Q&A. We then need 1 hour after the show to pack up and be on our way. Invoices are sent to your school or school board about 6 weeks ahead of time so payment can be processed by the performance date. 

Click here for a listing of our availability for this season.