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We believe that young people deserve to see brilliant theatre made just for them by people interested in the power of theatre as a tool to entertain, educate, and provoke positive change.

General Resources

For 3 decades, Concrete Theatre has been dedicated to bringing professional theatre artists together to create and present award-winning, relevant and challenging plays for young people.

When we tour a show dealing with sensitive subjects, like sexual consent or family violence, we have a professional with us to help facilitate our Q&As and as a resource for students to speak to. We also give each student a ‘help card’—a business card with contact info they can take with them should they or someone they know need help. Our artists are trained to deal with student disclosures and will loop the school into any matter requiring further attention. We want the teachers and students to feel supported long after we’ve left the school!

Study guides

All of our shows come with a show-specific Study Guide. The person at the school who books the show will have a PDF emailed to them for sharing with every teacher whose class will attend the performance. Below, you will see samples from our 2018 tour of The Bully Project with a version of the study guide for grades 4-6 and one for 7-9.

If you have any questions about these materials, or would like more information, please contact our Bookings Coordinator at


If you’d like to request a script to read to help you decide if it is appropriate for your school or a certain grade, feel free to e-mail

Scripts are for reading purposes only, and may not be photocopied, shared, read aloud publicly or produced—even within the classroom. Please be sure to read the ‘Notice to Readers’ before proceeding with the download.

Thank you for respecting the copyright on the plays. It’s important for both the artists and our company.

Here are some helpful links to articles and websites about Theatre For Young Audiences and information that may assist you to further your students learning before or after our production has played in your school.