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Pink Shirt Day Feb 2021 Transcript

[Video/ Image Description: A solid pink fabric background with a blue Concrete Theatre logo take up the frame. The fabric is then drawn away revealing two people. Corben sits in the centre of a Zoom window on the left side of the screen and Tracy sits in the centre of her Zoom window on the right. They each are wearing pink shirts with blue text reading “Respect.” Corben’s background is made of many colourful squares and Tracy has a blue wall behind her patterned with blue vertical stripes.]

Tracy:       Hello, my name is Tracy Carroll (she/her).

Corben:    And I’m Corben Kushneryk (he/him).

Tracy:       And we are the Co-Artistic Directors of Concrete Theatre.

Corben:    At Concrete, we are incredibly passionate about bullying prevention. And if you didn’t already know, February 24th is Pink Shirt Day, a day where we all can all rally against bullying.

Tracy:       Bullying can of course happen in person, but during the pandemic, incidents of cyber bullying have increased. At Concrete we feel it’s important to help one another and to treat each other with respect.

(They point at their shirts)

Corben:    If you or someone you know is in a bullying situation, you can always call the Bullying Help Line. The number is on the screen. (1-888-456-2323)

Tracy:       Getting involved on Pink Shirt Day is easy. On February 24th, go grab your pink shirt, put it on, take a photo of yourself and post it on social media. And don’t forget to tag Concrete Theatre. (@ConcreteYEG)

Corben:    Thanks for watching, everyone.

Tracy:       Stay well.


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