Gr. 4-6 or Gr. 7-12

ARC: Anti-Racism and Change

A thought-provoking experience for youth sparking creative discussion and action against racism.

Anti-Racism and Change (ARC) utilizes the performing and creative arts as an educational tool to animate discussion around anti-racism and racial equity.

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.
Martin Luther King Jr.

In partnership with the Centre for Race and Culture, ARC is a highly engaging anti-racism training for youth. ARC incorporates age appropriate short films followed by in-depth discussion and theatrical exploration of the themes in the films during two 60-75 minute classroom workshops.

GR 7-12: Back by popular demand!
Short films by Makram Ayache, Marty Chan and Michelle Todd
October 24 – November 4, 2022
Study Guide included: $100/classroom

GR 4-6: New for Elementary students!
3 brand-new short films by Alberta writers
January 31 – February 17 & March 6 – 24, 2023
Study Guide included: Special price of $50/classroom for the 2022/23 season!

ARC engaged the students in ways that connect to them personally (dealing with racism), but also with how they treat others – newcomers, or people with different accents. ARC has started a conversation that I hope will continue to grow – ideally into change.
A. Christie, Princess Alexandra School, Saskatoon SK

ARC Trailer – JR/SR High Videos


HOODIES by Michelle Todd

Two siblings discuss the unwritten rules of being Black and navigating their world… an exploration of things taken for granted outside of a BIPOC lens.

DUNYA AND FAROOK by Makram Ayache:

Dunya only knows a life on the go until her family arrives in Canada after escaping the Syrian Civil War.

Dunya doesn’t speak English. But if she could, she would tell you all about her adventures with Farook, her best friend back in the Middle East (oh…who also happens to be a Djinni).


In Beneath the Mask, a YouTuber with conspiracy theories believes a masked killer is on the loose. Unfortunately, his suspicions are confirmed when the alleged killer shows up at his doorstep and he must flee for his life.



Directed by Corben Kushneryk

JR/SR Plays
HOODIES by Michelle Todd
Olivia– Rochelle Laplante
Sam– Glenson Rasko-Todd

DUNYA AND FAROOK by Makram Ayache:
Dunya– Aniqa Charania
Farook– Ammar Jouma

Cindy– Christina Nguyen
Nate– Chris Pereira

Div. 2 Plays
WORD NERD by Kunji Ikeda
UNTITLED by Marina Mair-Sanchez
CITIZEN PLUS by Christine Frederick




  • Ethics: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical implications of issues.
    2. Examine evidence and consider alternatives before making a decision.
    3. Demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of one’s actions.
    4. Express confidence in their own critical and creative thinking regarding ethical decision making.
  • Health and Life Skills: enable students to make well-informed, healthy choices and to develop behaviours that contribute to the well-being of self and others.
  • Language Arts: Analyze choices and motives of characters.
  • CALM: apply an understanding of the emotional/psychological, intellectual, social, spiritual and physical dimensions of health— and the dynamic interplay of these factors—in managing personal wellbeing.
  • Fine Arts – Drama: To acquire knowledge of self and others through participation in and reflection on dramatic experience.


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