Grade 9

Are We There Yet?

iNadien Chu

by Jane Heather

What would happen if we put the same care and attention into teaching young people about sex as we put into teaching them how to drive?

Are We There Yet? returns for a record breaking 16th tour, our final tour of this award winning and critically acclaimed project!  The 90 minute participatory play explores sexuality and relationship issues appropriate for Grade 9 students and covers the Alberta Health curriculum. The production has reached over 38,000 students across Alberta with new productions appearing coast to coast. 

…It was very informative. I think that all of what was said was completely necessary for the students to hear.  It related to us on a level that made us teens want to listen and be engaged in what was taking place… was well thought out and clever. It was a comfortable atmosphere and everyone had a blast!

Grade 9 Student, Bert Church High School, Airdrie


Directed by Mieko Ouchi

Peter Fernandes
Jenny McKillop
Scott Shpeley
Carmela Sison

Photography by Epic Photography Inc.


Curriculum Ties:

Sexual health, Relationships, Boundary Setting, Decision-making, Communication.

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