Grade K-6

Lig & Bittle

iQuickCard Edmonton Minor Hockey Week Final games photos by Epic Photography Inc.

by Elyne Quan & Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull

Lig, who is big and Bittle, who is little, never seem to fit in their hard-to-fit-in-worlds. When they are each invited to journey to Perfekt Phitt – a mysterious place where they will finally find a spot just their size – they hit the road for a new adventure. They team up against the ooga monster and learn quite a lot about themselves, about friendship and about how wonderful it is to be unique. This engaging and energetic show celebrates the diversity in all of us.


Directed by Tracy Carroll
Stage Managed by Betty Hushlak

Carmela Sison
Paul Welch

Set Design by Marissa Kochanski
Sound Design by Jay Lind


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