Pia & Maria

A World Premiere! Buon Appetito!

When 2 elderly Italian sisters decide to fulfil their lifelong dream of completing their education after leaving school as children to help run the family bakery, an Elementary school and a young newcomer girl have their lives upended as quickly as a pineapple upside down cake!

The 2 nonnas are so curious, but also full of firm rules and ideas. So, like their young classmate, they need to figure out how to take turns, work as a team and learn how to fit into a new environment! When the legendary school Bake Sale looms, the 3 must learn to work together for everyone to succeed!

Is there a Seniors’ Centre near your school? Do you have any events that students invite their grandparents to? We’d love to share this show with a mixed audience of Elementary students and Seniors!


Written by Josh Dalledonne and Bianca Miranda

Directed by Mieko Ouchi
Dramaturged by Vern Thiessen

Geri Schaer
Davina Stewart
Heather D Swain

Stage Managed by Betty Hushlak
Set & Prop Design by ECM Jason
Sound Design by Dave Clarke
Lighting Design by Heather Cornick
Costume Coordinator Melanie Bahniuk
Rehearsal Stage Manager Corben Kushneryk
Touring Technician Alex Boldt

Seniors’ Outreach Coordinators Jozel Lemire & Becca Barrington


Health and Safety: Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, conflict resolution, mentoring relationships, learning about and valuing diversity. Social Studies: appreciate the unique characteristics, interests, gifts, feelings, ideas and stories of others, demonstrate a willingness to share and cooperate. Language Arts: explore ideas and understand new concepts, share personal responses and develop own interpretations. Music/Drama: develop empathy through experiencing thoughts and feelings of other people and other cultures, as expressed through their stories.

Study Guide included.

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