Grades 7-12


iColin Dingwall

by Collin Doyle

A powerful and emotional exploration of public and private acts of violence…
Routes is a riveting one man play that delves into the impact of violence through the eyes of Tom, a fifteen year old boy living in Millwoods. Tom escapes violence at home by riding his local bus until closing. As he journeys along the route of his nine previous homes, we discover the ties that connect the violence at home to acts of bullying between students at his school and the killing of a man by four youth on this very route.

This production tours with a Family Violence Support Worker.

Routes 2015 is supported by a grant from the Stollery Charitable Foundation Small Grants Fund.


Directed by Mieko Ouchi
Stage Managed by Ntara Curry

Colin Dingwall

Production Design by David Fraser
Sound Design by Dave Clarke

Touring Technician Patrick Beagan
Family Violence Support Coordinator Sarah Jensen


Curriculum Ties:
CALM: wellbeing and respect, conflict resolution, relationships, making change;
Health and Life Skills: wellness choices, safety and responsibility, relationship choices, differing personal perspectives on physical, emotional, social safety, strategies to promote harm reduction/risk, how thinking patterns influence feelings, stress management, personal conflict management skills;
Language Arts: consider the ideas of others, analyze choices and motives of characters. Drama: an appreciation for drama and theatre as a process and art form, recognize ‘theatre is a mirror of society’. Family violence, bullying, life strategies, support.

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