Junior/Senior High


A World Premiere from the writer of Routes

Dylan, Bobby and Quinn have been best friends forever, but now in Grade 12, the friends find themselves at a crossroads. Each has had different experiences with alcohol and cannabis: Dylan’s tried. Quinn doesn’t. Bobby might have a problem. Bobby defends his substance use as having a “good time,” but Dylan and Quinn think the signs point to something more serious.

Together, they must navigate the complicated world of friendship as they try to get Bobby help. An exciting and engaging new play from award winning playwright Collin Doyle, designed to open up discussion around the evolving issue of substance use and abuse. Signs explores teen drinking, drug use and addiction, and where to get help if you need it.


Written by Collin Doyle

Directed by Mieko Ouchi



Addictions: drug abuse and dependency, decision-making and influences, societal values, personal values. Communication: with friends, with family, emotions.

Curriculum Ties:

CALM: wellbeing and respect, conflict resolution, relationships, making change; Health and Life Skills: wellness choices, safety and responsibility, relationship choices, life strategies, support.

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