For Families with children age 0-12

Sprouts 2014

New Play Festival for Kids

Sprouts returns for our 13th Festival with a fresh bouquet of brand new short plays for kids and their families.  Four local playwrights from diverse cultural backgrounds will share their latest works in these staged readings.  Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy storytelling, music, art and theatre – all for kids. After the plays you can write or draw your thoughts in our special art garden plot.

Weesageechak Loses His Bum by Kenneth T. Williams
Weesageechak Loses His Bum is a retelling of a traditional Cree Trickster story. Weesageechak is starving but doesn’t know what to eat and decides that his bum would make a nice meal. His bum, however, has other ideas.

Little Eagle by Natasha Deen
When Grandmother grants Little Cloud’s wish to become an eagle, the jealous wind blows her to an unfamiliar land. But with the help of two tiny birds, the fledgling eagle embarks on a funny and surprising adventure that helps everyone discover how amazing each individual truly is.

Burlap, Prince of Trolls by Cat Walsh
Sam loves to read, especially her favourite series “The Trolltown Chronicles”. But just when she’s getting to the best part, her mother takes her book away until Sam cleans her room. With the help of an unexpected visitor, Sam discovers there’s more than one way to find out how the story ends.


Little Eagle by Natasha Deen
Burlap, Prince of Trolls by Cat Walsh
Weesageechak Loses His Bum by Kenneth T. Williams

Directed by Tracy Carroll
Dramaturg Caroline Howarth
Stage Managed by Dawn Friesen

Nimet Kanji
Ian Leung
Kristen Padayas

Production Design by Lisa Hancharek
Sound Design & Composition by Dave Clarke



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