For families with children age 0-12

Sprouts 2016

New Play Festival for Kids

Worried that your child is too young to enjoy a play? Fear no more!

Introduce your children to live theatre through this engaging and gentle first theatre experience. The plays can be enjoyed by children as young as 18 months to 12 years old. Babes in arms are also warmly welcomed.

Wow! We’re 15 years old!

Sprouts returns for our 15th Anniversary Festival with a fresh crop of three brand new short plays for kids and their families and a second year in our new venue! Local playwrights from diverse cultural backgrounds will share their newest works in these stage readings. Bring a picnic lunch and join us at the Westbury Theatre and Lobby to enjoy storytelling, music, art and theatre – all for kids. After the plays you can write or draw your thoughts in our special art garden plot. The Sprouts Festival is produced as a part of the Arts at the Barns Series.

If we feed our children’s imaginations on the dramatic equivalent of Big Macs and Kraft Dinner, we can’t nourish them in a love for theatre at its finest. Why put up with junk theatre, when you can opt for Sprouts?

Paula Simons, The Edmonton Journal


Nuts and Honey
by Aksam Alyousef and Amena Shehab

Abuela’s Coqui
by Michelle Rios

My Other Mother
Words and Music by Darrin Hagen and Trevor Schmidt

Nadien Chu*
Julie Golosky*
Luc Tellier*

Director Mieko Ouchi*
Dramaturg & Festival Coordinator Caroline Howarth
Stage Manager Sang Sang Lee*

Sound Design and Music Dave Clarke
Costume Design Betty Kolodziej
Set and Props Design Jane Kline
Lighting Design Patrick Beagan
ASL Interpreter Dianne de Andrade
Arabic Translator Aksam Alyousef

Lobby Activities
Crafts by Zu-Ma Talent to Amūz
Face Painting by Kompany Family Theatre
Storyteller from Young Alberta Books Kathy Jessup
Poster Design Isabelle Gagnon and Rat Creek Design
Westbury Theatre Technicians Jon Mottram and Rachel Woods

*Concrete Theatre is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, and engages, under the terms of the Canadian Theatre Agreement, professional artists who are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

Honey and Nuts
By Aksam Alyousef and Amena Shehab
Beebee, a newcomer to the forest, is confronted by Bearo, who wants to take the honey Beebee has collected for her daughter’s birthday. Beebee offers to return in three days with even more honey, but Bearo does not trust her. Although he does not know her, Mr. Squirrel vouches for Beebee and offers Bearo his hoard of nuts if Beebee backs out of her promise. Will the squirrels go hungry? Will Bearo and Beebee solve their differences?

Abuela’s Cocqui
By Michelle Rios

Six year old Elena is excited to visit her Abuela Maria on the tropical island of Puerto Rico. One evening, she encounters a new friend, Coqui, a tiny tree frog with a big voice! Coqui’s voice unlocks the secret to a story that has been passed down for generations – A story filled with history and rich tradition. Follow Elena and Abuela Maria through a musical and magical journey that takes us from Abuela’s little pink house to the lush rainforest that Coqui calls home – Boriken – An enchanted place where Elena discovers the unique bonds of family and home, the true meaning of friendship, and the “best flan in the world”.

My Other Mother
Words and Music by Darrin Hagen and Trevor Schmidt

My Other Mother is a musical about The Kid and His Mom, who have spent their whole lives together. The Kid loves things just the way they are – but what happens when His Mom introduces him to The Other Mother, with her different ideas and her different food. Will everything have to change? Or can all three of them find a recipe for happiness?


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