For Families with children age 12 and under

Sprouts 2018

2018 New Play Festival for Kids!


Screen Time
by Jason Chinn

Wolf Runner
by Josh Languedoc

by Holly Lewis

Colin Dingwall*
Jaimi Reese
Morgan Yamada*

Director Mieko Ouchi*
Dramaturge & Festival Coordinator Caroline Howarth
Stage Manager Rachel Dawn Woods*

Sound Design and Music Dave Clarke
Costume Design Betty Kolodziej
Set/Props Designers Cindi Zuby & Lynette Maurice
Lighting Design Patrick Beagan
ASL Interpreter Diane de Andrade

Lobby Crafts with Zu-Ma: Talent to Amūz
Face Painters Kompany Family Theatre
Singer Alison MacDonald
Publicity Catch the Keys
Poster Design Rat Creek Design
And thank you to our Westbury Theatre Technicians:
Nicole Scherrer & Nick Rose

*Concrete Theatre is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, and engages, under the terms of the Canadian Theatre Agreement, professional artists who are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association


About the Plays:

Wolf Runner by Josh A Languedoc
Alone in the woods, a young Boy is taken in by a Cree tribe. Raised by a skilled Warrior, the Boy is shown the ways of the tribe and the hunt. But in these woods lurk dangerous creatures with sharp teeth. Soon the Boy is faced with an important life challenge: face his fear, or lose everything important to him.

Sisters by Holly Lewis
Two sisters, once best friends, are locked in a contest of wills. Scarlett is growing up and
Hedda is being left behind. When Hedda destroys Scarlett’s science fair project, what will it take for them to find a way back to being sisters?

Screen Time by Jason Chinn
We can do a lot of great stuff with our devices; work on homework, play games, keep in touch with friends, and more. But sometimes too much screen time can be a problem. When Robin notices that devices are becoming a distraction for him and his family, the household decides to put an end to their bad habits- and they quickly discover that change can be tough.


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