Concrete Theatre welcomes unsolicited scripts appropriate to touring and young audiences, and in-line with our mandate; however, please read over our requirements carefully before sending us your script.

Technical requirements

  • Typewritten with name, address, email and phone number clearly marked on the cover.
  • Running length of 45-50 minutes.
  • Casting requirements of no more than 3 actors.
  • Set and prop requirements appropriate for touring in a passenger van and shipping on airplanes for national tours.
  • A resume or CV, or cover letter outlining your past writing work and experience.
  • Additional support materials are welcome, but please be very judicious in the amount you send. Less is more! One or 2 reviews or articles are sufficient.
  • Electronic copies or hard copies are welcome. Electronic copies should be sent to or can be mailed to us directly at Concrete Theatre: 102, 10033-80 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 1T4.

Mandate requirements

  • We are looking for scripts that are artistically excellent but that also have a socially relevant issue at their heart, appropriate to the age group you are targeting.
  • Please don’t send us classic European Fairy Tale adaptations. However we are interested in stories or fables that come from different traditions and cultures that are not widely known.
  • We love original, relevant explorations of issues that feature realistic voices of children and youth.
  • We love stories that don’t close with pat endings and magical conclusions, however, we’re also looking for a sense of hope for kids and youth. Hope for the future. Hope that we can all change and grow.
  • We are looking for scripts that can tour to:
    • Elementary: Ages 5-12
    • Junior High: Ages13-16
    • High School: Ages 15-18
  • We love scripts that are able to bridge the Junior and Senior High range if possible. We do not tour shows that bridge both Elementary and Junior High aged students.
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion is also an important part of what we do at Concrete Theatre, and we welcome stories and scripts from all cultural backgrounds that reflect all abilities and that are reflective of the complexity of experiences in our community.

When you’ll hear from us

  • Because of our busy schedules and small staff, the current reading time for unsolicited scripts is between 6 and 12 months
  • We will send you a quick email confirming receipt of your script, but please be patient to hear back from us formally on your script. We haven’t forgotten you, we just like to take our time reading and considering new work.