Bello – National Tour

iNicole St.Martin, Gabriel Gagnon and Morgan Yamada

A Co-Production between Concrete Theatre and L’Unithéâtre, presented by Young People's Theatre

Little Bern, a young farm boy, is taken in by his aunt and uncle after his parents pass away. Feeling ignored by his busy adoptive parents and their large brood of children, and struggling to keep up with a pile of chores and a new school, Little Bern pines for the life he used to have. One day, on his way to school, he sees a mysterious ramshackle barn, and is told it is the home of Old Nettie, who everyone in town fears and calls a witch. But when a huge snowstorm hits, and Little Bern is lost, he is saved by none other than Old Nettie. Terrified at first, Bern must face his fears and confront the person he is most afraid of. Much to his surprise, he discovers she is not at all the person he thought her to be, and much more like him than he ever imagined!


  • Written by Vern Thiessen
  • French Translation by Brian Dooley
  • Directed by Mieko Ouchi
  • Stage Managed by Molly Pearson
  • Production Design by Patrick Beagan


  • Gabriel Gagnon
  • Nicole St. Martin
  • Morgan Yamada

Production photos by Ali Sultani


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