The Early Bloomer

by Jana O'Connor

She’s no shrinking violet…

From the amazing imagination of award winning playwright and comedienne Jana O’Connor (The Irrelevant Show), follow Maisy Daisy and her best buds in their hilarious adventures in the 5th Row of the Garden Plot, as Maisy faces the embarrassing and exciting challenges of blossoming a little sooner than her pals. With the help of Principal Gardener, her parents and her fellow daisies, Maisy figures out how to stand tall, be proud and discover a new found be-leaf in herself! A sweet and funny look at puberty that celebrates the uniqueness and awkwardness of every young person’s journey to become a young adult.


Directed by Mieko Ouchi
Stage Managed by JoAnna Black

Patricia Cerra
Troy O’Donnell
Mark Sinongco
Jenny McKillop

Production Designer Lisa Hancharek
Sound Design & Composition Dave Clarke
Touring Technician Perry Harris


Curriculum Ties:

English Language Arts; Health and Life Skills:
 coping with change and transition, personal health, puberty, body image, relationships, responsibility, respect and caring, inclusive behaviors.

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