Equity Diversity Inclusion Justice: Action Items


Ensure Diversity at Decision-Making Tables:

  • Artists of colour in artistic leadership roles from founding to the present
  • Commitment to the 35//50 Initiative calling for at least 35% IBPOC

and 50% women & non-binary representation by the 2024-2025 theatre season. 

  • Actively seeking out diversity in our board of directors (2020: 50% IBPOC, Gender Equity)
  • Hosting of The 3.7% Initiative YEG+ Chapter. Created for the express purpose of helping women and non-binary folks who self-identify as ethnically and culturally diverse find greater success in their arts practice and build artistic leadership skills. 

Diversify the Formats and Content of Theatre Production:

  • Focusing on new play development, and the commissioning of plays from diverse perspectives and communities including IBPOC, D/deaf artists and community, people with disabilities and the neurodiverse.
  • Focusing on stories from diverse cultural backgrounds, and developing emerging diverse artists for the Sprouts New Play Festival For Kids
  • Development of First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) Programming with Indigenous artists and community partners.

Make Self-Awareness a Prerequisite:

  • Ensuring annual anti-racism group training for staff, board members and key artists. 
  • Financially supporting and encouraging staff, board members and key artists to use paid work time to attend additional local and online one-off anti-racism workshops and presentations. 
  • In-service training for all artists and team members touring issue-based plays to prepare them for discussions, disclosures and for their own education and learning around topics of the plays. 

Make Selection Processes Transparent and Equitable:

  • Holding general auditions every year and publicizing them widely.
  • Including 2-3 auditors at general auditions to ensure a variety of opinions and address bias. 
  • Encouraging artists that we have already worked with or know their work to send in updated resumes and photos, and to let us know about upcoming work in the community.
  • Accepting unsolicited scripts.

Empower Students and Educators:

  • In-School Workshops: developing and creating material by artists and students working together.
  • Participatory Plays: guiding and facilitating conversations between artists and students. 
  • Teacher Advisory: helping us reach students and educators in the best ways that we can.


Build Capacity for Inclusion:

  • Our work is held up by four critical pillars: excellence, diversity, relevance and inclusion.

Develop Mentorship Infrastructure:

  • Internships and Assistant positions: the hosting of intern students from post-secondary institutions, and opportunities for work for artists in roles like assistant directors and shadow teachers. This is done on productions on a per-project basis. 
  • The 3.7% Initiative YEG+: mentorship is a huge part of this Initiative’s focus and success. 

Adopt Outcome Measurements:

  • We proudly support the 35//50 Initiative and are committed to reporting our employment statistics annually. Employment Statistics for 2015-2019 can be found at: https://www.concretetheatre.ca/employment-statistics/
  • We are currently completing a comprehensive data collection that spans our company from founding to the present (31 years). 

Abandon Systems That Depend On (and Preserve) Power Imbalances:

  •  Shared leadership since its inception in 1989.

Value and model Wellness:

  • We value staff and artists as humans first by doing our best to support them so that they can accomplish their tasks well.
  • We use contracts to outline expectations, timelines, the scope of work and payment.
  • We pay for health insurance and vacation time for all staff.
  • We have a Respectful Workplace Policy.
  • We abide by the rules of the Not In Our Space Program (jointly created by CAEA and PACT).
  • We have a Board Handbook which lays out expectations, policies & procedures for the board.
  • We have an HR document that lays out our expectations, policies & procedures for staff.
  • We have a Company Handbook which lays out expectations, policies & procedures for touring and production team members.